Cargo Supervisor (CS)

Ensure that all persons having access to secure air cargo or mail understand their role and responsibilities in relation to the movement of air cargo and mail and to maintain the secure status.
Provide people who apply security controls to air cargo and mail with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively undertake their duties.
Provide persons who screen air cargo and mail with the knowledge and skills needed to deliver an effective screening process
Provide supervisors and managers of people carrying out screening or others applying security controls for air cargo or mail with the relevant knowledge and skills to provide effective security in accordance with the relevant legislation.

1. The threat to aviation
2. Aviation security – Organisation and legislation
3. Protecting air cargo – Warehouse
4. Protecting air cargo – Drivers
6. Reacting to and Reporting of Suspicious Circumstances & Security Incidents
7. Security controls for air cargo
8. Warehouse acceptance and despatch of air cargo
9. Prohibited articles
10. Methods of concealment
11. Overview of Screening Methods & Selection of the Most Appropriate Method
12. Visual Inspection
14. X-Ray
20. The supervisor